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Jun 14, 2013· Keene DW212V Bellows Drywasher Motorized. The MIGHTY MIDGET Dry Washer is a lightweight compact bellows type dry washer. A folding metal frame makes it easy to backpack. A large Marlex hopper with adjustable flow control and removable riffle tray, make the Mighty Midget easy to use. Two models are available to operate the air bellows.

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Mar 25, 2009· I met him about 1986/7 and played with his little dry washer for a few minutes. He passed a way a few years back and rumor has it he had 40 pounds of gold in a sack that he had recovered with that little dry washer. I have some photos of the dry washer on my other computer if I …

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to good gold bearing ground. Steady and persistent is Steve the Prospector. He's trying everything dredging, drywashing and detecting. Here he's using one of Fritz Clemens puffer drywashers. Fritz is the president of the local MPA prospectors out. of Kingman, AZ and he builds and sells a very. nice medium sized drywasher.

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Jan 07, 2009· I think your title-"Building the Ultimate Dry Washer, A Dry Washer that equals a dredge in recovery rates" is somewhat misleading. There's simply no way you can build drywasher that will equal the recovery rate of a dredge of the time. It all depends what area you're in, what size gold if found as well the type of ground.

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Keene Dry Washer - Hand Crank or Electric - KEENE LIGHTWEIGHT MIGHTY MIDGET DRYWASHERS - COMPACT - PORTABLE BELLOWS TYPE DRY-WASHER. ... Home > Gold Mining Equipment > DryWashers for Gold > Keene Dry Washer - Hand Crank or Electric ... this little puffer has a proven track record of performance. The oversized Marlex hopper is equipped with an ...

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Advantages. extremely quiet. rugged direct drive, 12 volt permanent magnet, high torque variable speed gear motor. no messy fuels needed. battery can be charged with solar panel or vehicle in the field


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Drywasher for sale | Only 3 left at -65%. Dry Washer Puffer Promaster Apache Junction The classifier is constructed with square 1/2 american prospector treasure seeker wish to open your world to gold mining & & treasure hunting. keene dry washer motor two replacement bearings.

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Since 1955, has been providing the very best in mining and prospecting equipment. Whatever you need, we're here to help!

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Model 191 includes the Model 190 drywasher, a 5 hp. Briggs & Stratton Professional Engine with enhanced air cleaner & oil filtration and 10 feet of heavy duty ducting hose.This unit can process up to 3 yards per hour. 's Model 190 series Drywasher & High Banker Dredge Combination is the most advanced and user friendly unit on the planet.

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Dec 30, 2012· I have been reading everything out there and so much conflicting data. So question is between the two main drywasher types is there a productivity difference? Or is it all about noise? I know dry washing is not got recovery rate or even 90% but between a blower and puffer …

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Brand: ProMasterColor: AluminumFeatures: Light-wight components used in construction mean this dry-washer is only 26 pounds! Limited Lifetime Warranty! The motor is fully enclosed to prevent dirt from damaging it, All moving parts enclosed to prevent injury. Insulated lower box builds a static charge to help trap gold.

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The riffles are installed the opposite direction in a dry washer as compared to a water box. Even though I live in Arizona I am not a fan of dry washers because the material needs to be very, very dry, they are way to dusty for me and in my opinion the fine gold loss is higher than a water box.

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Sep 20, 2013· On Dry Washers, Desert Gold, and Working Dry Ground (Part 3) (Providing you screen your material first, a "puffer" dry washer may be just what the doctor ordered at this location.) I'm pleased at the amount of interest in this series of posts and the insightful comments and questions. I hope I can live up to your expectations in that regard.

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Drywashing: Complete Guide Part 1. Internet Version: Rob Goreham of 49er Mining Supplies explains the principles of how to use a gold drywasher while prospecting and mining in a desert environment. See how to use the Falcon Metal Detector identify Pay Layers!

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I prepared some general plans for an average puffer type homemade dry washer. You can adopt and use these plans, or use them as a starting point and design your own dry washer. To build one, you need to think about how you will build your particular unit, and what design ideas you want to use on your own homemade dry washer.


Dec 23, 2012· DRYWASHER USING A DC BLOWER INSTEAD OF A GAS BLOWER I really like the quality in workmanship in the Royal Drywasher. What I do not like is using a gas powered blower. ... how to make a drywasher for gold, puffer vs blower drywasher, royal drywasher reviews, what cfm does it take to run a dry washer.

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Jul 03, 2015· Looking to maybe buy a dry washer. What does everyone like? Power blower, electric bellows, size, brand ext.. Is one brand better than another for fine gold recovery or do they all preform the same or close to the same.I would be grateful for all information.Thanks Greg,

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Metallurgical ContentDRYWASHER OPERATIONSmall Mechanical Gold WashersDry Washing GoldDRY WASHING In arid districts where water is scarce or expensive and a "dry" plant is proposed for the recovery of placer gold, a small dry washer may be the logical choice for processing samples. A number of small, hand-powered machines are on the market and most work quite well within certain …

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Nov 06, 2011· Drywashing for gold in Northern Nevada with nvchris from detectoraid.com

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Bill Thompson has been building and improving his gold drywashers for the past eleven years...trying to build the best drywasher in the business. Bill's newest drywashers prove what he has always said: "My drywashers are built by a working man and priced for a working man".

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Jan 25, 2010· Very Old "Puffer"-style Drywasher - This is an original example of a 1930's drywasher that was one of the movie props sold by MGM Studios back in the early 1960's when they were purging old film props.  It was purchased for the old Pollardville Ghost Town Mine Concession which once graced a site along Highway 99 near

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Light-wight components used in construction mean this dry-washer is only 20 pounds! Limited Lifetime Warranty! Squirrel cage fan allows better air flow than the standard blade type fan without the hot spot blowing away fine gold. Insulated lower box builds a static charge to help trap gold.

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Gold Duster Drywasher. and Vacuum. Desert Fox. Gold Wheel. Giant Green. High Banker. Keene Puffer. Drywasher. Magellan GPS. Speed Charger (x2) Gold Exorcist. Drywasher. Over the years The Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada has acquired several pieces of prospecting equipment. Some of this equipment has been donated while others were purchased ...

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That includes the drywasher, the battery and the backpack to carry it. Taking only minutes to convert from a folded backpack unit to a functioning drywasher allows you to focus on finding gold instead of fussing with equipment. The Whippet DrywasherTM is a true backpack drywasher. Comfort, ergonomics and strength is achieved by designing the ...

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It is a good idea to shovel lower-grade material into your dry-washer while adjusting for the proper air flows and pitch. Once set, you can shovel in the pay-dirt. One thing about dry-washing is that because it is generally slower than wet methods, the pay-dirt must have more gold. High-grade areas in the deserts certainly do exist!

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Most traditional methods for recovering gold from gravels require an ample supply of water. However, an old prospector's adage has it that gold is where you find it. In the southwest, the "where" is all too frequently situated miles from even a trickle of water.Dry-washing of gold-bearing soil or gravel provides an effective solution to this dilemma.

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Thompson Drywasher 12V and/or Hand Crank Bellow Model. Catch gold without the need for water with this rugged motarized yet quiet design. High and low speed operation to suit how you prefer to work. No fuel needed. Operates about 5 1/2 hours on small 12V ATV Battery that can be charged with a solar panel or vehicle charger.

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May 22, 2014· Inspired by Goldigg's excellent build and others on the forum I have decided to build an old style bellows puffer dry washer rather than a leaf blower version as I can't stand the noise of the leaf blower versions and I want to be able to operate it by a small electric motor off my troopy's secondary battery or by hand crank if that runs down.